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Our EasyClean operator will assess the hard surface intended for restoration and determine the best way to restore the surface to a EasyClean condition. The type of solutions used for your hard surfaces will depend on the combination of stains and contaminants (in addition to grime) such as limescale, food spillages, grease stains and soap residue, and more stubborn stains such as coffee, beetroot or red wine, which will resist normal surface cleaning agents.

In our experience, many hard surfaces cleaned and then treated with inappropriate products. Many products leave waxy residues making the hard surface harder to clean and maintain by sealing-in dirt, grime and other contaminants. Without exception, ingrained dirt needs to be removed before effective cleaning and renovation of the surface can begin.

EasyClean’s unique solutions will erase all stains and residue build ups when used in conjunction with CleanCap™ truck-mounted equipment to leave the your surfaces clean, dry, sterilised and in all cases, pristinely renovated.